The Truth About Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Author: Diana Pells

There has been much talk about new vegetarians and critics about finding an easy vegetarian recipe. In some cases, the need to find an easy vegetarian recipe is motivated not just by the need to really find one but to satisfy curiosity as well. Is there really such a thing as an easy vegetarian recipe?The Value of Cooking at HomeSome new vegetarians may be tempted to easily buy take outs at vegetarian restaurants. Most of us know however that there are great advantages to cooking meals at home. Home cooked meals are almost always cheaper to prepare and have the additional benefit of binding members of a family in a comfortable atmosphere. One other major plus factor for you as a vegetarian is that you are 100% sure of the cleanliness of your vegetables and what exactly goes into a dish.Knowing What Type You Belong ToThe first step to finding the right easy vegetarian recipe to cook and serve is to find out what type of vegetarian you are and the people you are going to cook for. The most common type of vegetarian is the lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat vegetables, fruits, eggs and dairy products. A lacto vegetarian eats the same kinds of food except for the eggs.If you are a vegan type of vegetarian, then you would probably want to do away with any animal meat and animal-based food in your easy vegetarian recipe. There are other kinds of vegetarians but these are the most common. Once you know where you, your family and your friends belong to, finding an easy vegetarian recipe will be easier.The Recipe MythA common misconception with vegetarian recipes is that they are complicated to prepare. Since most vegetarians also lead busy lives, this may seem discouraging. There is however no truth to this common belief. In fact, some vegetarian recipes are the easiest to prepare.Some vegans for example simply puree or blend fruits and vegetables for truly fresh and satisfying fibrous meals. Less strict vegetarians however also have a variety of choices. For lacto-ovo-vegetarians for example the only thing that needs to be omitted are meat products and meat based products. This means that you can basically sauté or steam anything you like as long as there isn't any meat in it. For a truly substantial, tasty and healthy easy vegetarian recipe, you can substitute meat with tofu, beans, legumes and nuts.StockingIt is advisable for vegetarians to stock variety of fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products at home. Aside from the usual fruits and vegetables, you can also stock up on spices, seeds, olive oil, pasta, rice, cereal and noodles. Just imagine what you can cook up even with just these basic ingredients. An easy vegetarian recipe can be as convenient as sautéing some vegetables, spices, beans, tomato sauce and topping it on rice.WashingOne thing you have to remember about any easy vegetarian recipe is that you have to properly wash and clean all of your fruits and vegetables even those with inedible peelings. Most of these food items have changed hands so often before reaching you that they're bound to carry some dirt or bacteria. Wash your food with running water and use a brush for fruits and vegetables with dimpled, corrugated or hard skins