A Vegetarian Parent - Your Responsibilities to Your Children!!


As a parent it is your responsibility to pass on your knowledge on the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. You are convinced that a vegetarian diet will help control their weight, boost their energy levels and improve their health. Now you owe it to the rest of your family to pass on all you know about this improved way of eating to assist them to develop physically and mentally. You'll be doing them a favor that will last them a lifetime.
In saying that, it won't be easy to make immediate changes to their eating habits as it is difficult for them to resist the fast food restaurants where a "Happy Meal" looks much more inviting than any vegetarian meal no matter what health benefits it has. Although you know that a vegetarian diet helps fight against heart disease and obesity and that more than 300,000 Americans die each year from obesity related diseases, it takes a while to convince the next generation that healthy eating habits create healthy, energized people.
To overcome any resistance to the changes necessary to begin a vegetarian lifestyle, you have to start slowly for a smooth transition. Start out by committing to preparing a vegetarian meal three days a week for the first two weeks by replacing ingredients in their favorite dishes to make them totally meatless.
Once you feel you are making good progress, commit to five days per week for the next two weeks. Now, all that's left is to add two more days and you've done it. You've set up healthy, life prolonging eating habits that will be with them forever. Take pride in what you have accomplished.
You should not feel you are being preached at here, as you have already discovered the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle compared to a meat-eating diet that is high in fat and cholesterol, deficient in carbohydrates and vitamins(except for B-complex). Plant based products are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates that reduce cholesterol levels thus reducing the risk of heart disease.
Vegetarian meals do not have to be boring and tasteless. To keep the family enjoying their new eating habits you will need to gain as much knowledge as possible to prepare a variety of scrumptious meat free meals that tantalize their taste buds.
It's never too late for the whole family to get started on a healthier lifestyle and to start feeling fantastic all the time.

by Bill Hansen