How to Come Up with a Quick Easy Vegetarian Meal


By Diana Pells

Vegetarians need some help with preparing quick yet interesting meals especially since they also live busy lives. Contrary to popular belief, preparing a quick easy vegetarian meal may be a convenient task after all. Here are some practical tips for a quick easy vegetarian meal.

Pre Cook Vegetables

You don\'t have to waste time with washing and preparing veggies at several different times. In fact, expert cooks boil twice or thrice as many vegetables in one sitting and then just freeze the extra for use on the third day.

For a quick easy vegetarian meal, learn which vegetables like quinoa, stringed beans and broccoli can be prepared in this way. Vegetable soup can also be prepared in this way. Just make sure that you add a little more water when you take it out of the fridge on the second or third day. As an added note, be sure to label your pre cooked veggies and food with the date so that you know which ones should be taken out first and eaten and which ones are nearing expiration.

Alternate Breakfast Cooking

Because everyone is in a hurry for school or work, mornings usually require faster and quicker vegetarian meals. You can simply alternate cooking breakfast with quick meals so that you don\'t have to be haggard every morning. Cook eggs, waffles and the like every other day. On your non-cook days, simply add a generous amount of nuts, berries, fruits and a little honey on cereal mixes or ready to eat oatmeal for a truly healthy and hearty quick easy vegetarian meal in the morning.

Prepare Snacks

Contrary to common belief, snacks can be healthy too when you serve nutritious foods. Snacks help control and delay family member\'s appetites for main meals. This means that you\'ll have more time to prepare your quick easy vegetarian meal.

To keep your family interested in healthy snacks, you can introduce new items everyday instead of the usual cheese and crackers. You can try some mixed nuts, yogurt with diced fruits or simply mixed fruits in their own juice. One other delicious option would be to mash and mix some fruits like melon or avocado with a little milk.

Follow the Plan

If you had a plan and followed it, quick and easy vegetarian meals would be smoother. This will not only assist you in coming up with a quick easy vegetarian meal but will also help you generate more ideas.

On busy days, however, it is advisable if you prepare only the tried and tested quick easy recipes. It is not a good idea to experiment on new dishes and recipes when you are pressed for time. Prepare Veggies Ahead

Do your grocery shopping on the weekends when you do not have work. Make sure that you set aside some time after shopping to immediately wash, chop, peel and store some of your vegetables. You can even have some of them packed in mixed bunches already so all you have to do for your quick easy vegetarian meal is to open a packet and cook. This strategy though works best for salads because some recipes will taste bad if you cook all the ingredients together. The idea though is to prepare packets that go together whether you have to cook them or eat them as a salad.