How to eat more Fiber


By Outarow Chuong

If you have put on some weight even after taking all precautions, you may just need to look at ways of how to eat more staple food so as to look into those extra pounds. The 80s saw the highly successful F Plan that promoted a diet containing high-fiber. Our comprehension of nutrition has grown by leaps and bounds since then, but eating of a lot of staple food still holds well with advice books and dietary experts.
So how to eat more staple food which is for your good? You can start by making sure you exceed all the minimum requirements. Four Crucial Advantages of Staple food in Health as also Dietary aspects are:

1. Staple food is more filling and does not make you hungry just within a few hours of a meal.

2. The eating of staple food at the time of initiating the diet and eating less food, can keep away constipation and similar bowel issues.

3. A fiber-rich diet assists in preventing heart ailments.

4. Fiber-rich food will fill you with lesser calories.

Sources of Fiber

We are aware of the most common sources from which we get fiber. There is a bran flake which is characteristically 6g fiber put in to a 40g serving, besides whole meal bread, which is 5.1g fiber put in to two slim slices. But there are plenty of other ways of how to eat more staple food:

1. Different varieties of beans, i.e. Baked beans or even kidney beans which have 7.9g fiber contained in half tin of beans that are usually baked.

2. Potatoes with the skin left on which has 4.8g fiber within some medium-sized potatoes weighing 300g.

3. The Wholegrain pasta is the distinction made between white as against wholegrain pasta and is not obvious as the dissimilarity involving white bread and brown bread. This has 8.1g fiber which is served in 90g dried weight.

4. Lentils are simply fantastic in pies, vegetarian dishes and soups. There is a 4.9g fiber content in 100g of lentils.

5. The Mixed fruits, seeds and nuts that is usually available in bags of snack-size. This is a characteristic mix that is 4.7g fiber within a 50g portion.

6. Raspberries are amazingly high in fiber with the count of 6.5g fiber contained in a 100g portion.

7. Crisp breads is considered a wonderful substitute to a sandwich with 4 crisp breads reporting 6g of fiber content.

8. The Oatmeal with some fresh or even dried fruit for enhanced fiber content. This has 3.5g fiber contained in 50g oats and 1.5g fiber within 25g raisins.